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New Stores Added to QR, Part 1

We have some new stores available on QR for your cashback shopping pleasure!  Here are just a few: CharmingCharlie (2% cashback):  This popular chain of women’s jewelry and accessories stores offers affordable jewelry in every color under the rainbow, plus of course silver and gold, along with handbags, watches, wallets, journals, glassware, and a lot… Read More »

Order Today for Standard Shipping for Christmas at Disney, Personalization Mall, Zazzle, Others!

There may be other stores hitting shipping deadlines today, but these are the only ones that emailed me about it.  So if you’re a procrastinator… stop procrastinating or else those expedited shipping charges are going to kick in! Disney Store:  Order by midnight PT (3am ET Mon.) – use code LASTCHANCE for free shipping on… Read More »

Green Monday Tomorrow

Okay, here’s an inside tip for all my QR shopping buddies:  If you’re shopping online today, you get ready to check out, and you get sticker-shock on the shipping costs, hold off a day:  tomorrow is “Green Monday,” a major online retail event where many, MANY stores will be offering free shipping in some way,… Read More »

Small Business Saturday – 11/26

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, where American Express, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other major corporations are encouraging consumers to shop at small businesses, in recognition of their contributions to local communities and to the national economy. Most merchants big enough to offer cash back are probably bigger than what you and I would consider “small”… Read More »

Stay Tuned for Sales!

If you have a little time tomorrow before or after your family Thanksgiving activities, please check in with us here on QRDeals — some Black Friday sales will be starting tomorrow online, and other major retailers will be having Thanksgiving-only specials online that are FANTASTIC!  I will have a run-down of Thanksgiving Day online deals… Read More »

Canadian Shoppers?

I wanted to put a feeler out there to see how many Canadian shoppers we have.  There was a request on our Facebook page for more shopping deals for our Canadian members, and of course we’re happy to oblige — but as you know, QR is a small, privately-owned company with limited resources.  If the… Read More »

Frugal Reading

I do a little blogging on other websites, when I'm not scouting out bargains for us here at QuickRewards, and my latest gig is as a budget writer for I just started about a week and a half ago, but I have a couple of articles up already and Dmitry said it'd be okay… Read More »

Resolve To… Get Organized!

If one of your New Year's resolutions this year is to get organized, offers cash back for a lot of merchants who can help you get started! Stacks and Stacks (2.1% cash back):  I love this store!  They have every kind of item you can imagine for getting your kitchen and your home organized! … Read More »

Favorite Gift You Received / Gave?

So, just to chit-chat a little:  what was your favorite gift that you received this holiday?  And of the gifts you gave, which did you think was best-liked by your recipient? My brother gave me a book about getting the most out of your iPhone, knowing I had recently bought one — that's my favorite… Read More »

What IS This White Stuff?

This was my house this morning. I live in south Louisiana.  It hasn't snowed here since January 2002. Two days ago, it was 70 degrees.  Tomorrow it'll be back up to 60.  Any guesses on how many sick kids I'll have home from school next week?  (Hint:  I have two kids, one of whom went… Read More »

Customer Service: Your Stories

Not a deals post, but since this is a shopping blog I don’t see why we can’t talk about shopping-related topics! On my mind today is the topic of customer service.  I have a master’s degree in business, and I can’t tell you how many times we were taught the absolute CRITICAL importance of customer… Read More »