QR FAQ: Why Don’t Completed Surveys Show Up in My Account Immediately?

By | August 20, 2017

Customer Service gets this question fairly often:  “I just finished a survey and it’s not in my account yet.  Why is that?”

QR is just a middleman, providing a linkup between our database of interested survey takers and router companies, which are databases of surveys. When a member clicks a link on QR, or in one of our emails, to attempt a survey, they are leaving QR’s site (or your email provider) and going to one of these router companies, which will then, in turn, ask you some preliminary “screening” questions, then “route” you to one of the providers of their surveys. They don’t program surveys themselves, but they aggregate them from a variety of different sources.

When you’re doing a survey, you’re not on QR, which you can confirm by looking at the URL. So QR doesn’t know if you finished a survey, or if you started one and got disqualified, maybe you started one and got distracted and didn’t come back to it, or maybe there was a tech error on the survey site.

So there is a pending period while we’re in limbo, and this is why we can’t mark a survey link as being “COMPLETE” the way we can with the daily clicks. We don’t know if you completed a survey, just that you clicked to visit the browser.

The pending period varies per router while we wait on them to send us a completion report. Some routers send it multiple times a day, some only once a day, and with a handful of the routers, only once a week. (Until we have the automated creditor fully repaired, our site is only fetching the completion report once a day.) When we receive the completion report, our system then uploads the credit into the member’s account.

So this is why surveys don’t credit instantly. We’re just a middleman and we have to wait on confirmation that your click-through generated a successful survey completion.

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