QR FAQ: Why Did You Take QP Out of My Account?

By | August 9, 2017

QR Support frequently gets asked, “Why did you take away qp out of my account?”

QP, or QuickPoints, are fractions of a cent. They automatically convert to cash once a member has earned over 100 of them. When this happens, 100 is instantly subtracted out of your qp balance, and your cash balance instantly goes up by a penny.

For example, if you had 75qp in your account, then you did one of the searches in the Daily Clicks for 75qp:

Starting qp:  75
Added qp: + 75
Total qp :  150 total qp

But because 100qp immediately converts to a penny, 100qp instantly subtracts out to add $.01 to your balance, and your qp will have 50 remaining.

Yes, it does look like your qp “fell” from 75 to 50qp… but this was due to it topping 100, and then having 100 subtracted out for the conversion to cash.

Thank you for reading, and for being an active member of QR!

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