QR FAQ: Do All Grocery Coupons Printed From QR Earn $.05 Apiece When You Redeem Them?

By | August 24, 2017

We get this question fairly often at QR Support, and here is the Scoop on Coups:

There are two ~completely different~ ways to earn with grocery coupons:

1. Go to Earn To > Print Grocery Coupons, print the ones you think you may use, email Support when you get back from the grocery store to let us know how many you redeemed, and with this method you earn NOT to print, but JUST to redeem ($.05 apiece).


2. Go to Earn To > Offer Portals > gWallet, and print 20+ in order to earn 2100qp (in other words, $.21). Here you are earning JUST to print, and NOT to redeem.  (Note, the gWallet offer is subject to change; this is the reward as of this posting.)

Can I print them on gWallet and earn there, and then email support when I use them, and that way get paid twice?

NO. (Sorry!)

QR earns a very small amount from the member doing the offer on gWallet. It’s a flat rate, not per-coupon. On the other link, in the Print Grocery C.oupons section, we earn a higher rate, and this is how we can afford to pay per-coupon redeemed, but ONLY when members use that link instead of trying to “double-dip” and claim the per-coupon reward when they were already paid for the print session through gWallet.

Two different systems, two different ways to earn.

How can I keep track of which ones I printed on gWallet and which I printed through Print Grocery Coupons on QR?

Great question!

1.  Some members decide to just do one or the other.
2.  Print them on different color paper. The supermarket should not mind, but you may want to go with white vs. beige or a similar light color so the coupon is still legible.
3.  Print one offer in black & white, and the other in color, by changing your printer settings when you get ready to print.
4.  Write on the page or on each coupon a note or code to remind you which is which.

Thank you for your enthusiasm for earning money while saving money through the coupons on QuickRewards!

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