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By | April 1, 2016

QuickRewards is currently undergoing an exciting, new site redesign!  There are a lot of things changing behind the scenes, which will be rolled out to the public in phases over the next few months.  As part of the site revamp, we will be making a few changes effective immediately:

1.  In order to provide more opportunities for all members to earn tokens in fun, new ways, which we will tell you about soon, tokens will no longer be doubled each month (this applies to both Elite and non-Elite members).

2.  Also, in order to offer more frequent short-term cashback shopping promotions for all members, Elite shopping bonuses are being discontinued.

Elite members are of course still welcome to cash out their tokens for the same redemptions as always in our Token Redemption section!

We will be unveiling more details of the site redesign, and recruiting some volunteers to help us with beta-testing, throughout the next few months.  We’re very excited to show you the changes we’ve made in response to your feedback.  Stay tuned for more details soon!

16 thoughts on “QuickRewards Site Updates

  1. Linda Rosenthal

    Although some people might be a little disappointed by the loss of token doubling, It sounds like there are going to be some exciting things to look forward to. I think QR does a wonderful job looking out for our interests as well as their own.

    1. christina

      yes agreed site has more ways to gets points , I like the games myself.
      anyways I been on this site and quick rewards is shill more then ever working for me .

  2. Sharisse Pattee

    It is pretty interesting and gives me something to do in my free time.

  3. Brenda Meriwether

    I enjoy being able to voice my opinion on various topics.

  4. Char

    This is the best survey site! Quick payment, definitely a lot of surveys. It helps a whole lot, especially when you’re in a financial bind.


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