Do Your Own Taxes and Save – Big Sale on TurboTax!

By | January 9, 2016

turbotaxThere are a couple of reasons I do my own taxes — for one, I’m just really funny about not wanting some stranger to know my financial situation.  Also, I’m super-unorganized and I don’t have everything at my fingertips, so it takes some digging to find every receipt.  And last of all, I hate paying somebody to do something I can do myself.  That’s why I use TurboTax.

My experience with TurboTax after I guess 6 or 7 years of using it, is that not only can you go at your own pace (saving your answers and coming back to it later), it is virtually idiot-proof.  It walks you step-by-step through the process and provides clear, detailed explanations along the way.  If there’s something particularly unique about your tax situation, they have a support forum you can access for free additional help.  And, if you’re worried about getting audited, at the end of the process they analyze your return for your likelihood of being audited (mine is always “low”), and they’ll offer you an optional service called Audit Defense where if for some reason you DO get audited, they will handle it for you for free.  It’s just a little extra peace of mind.

All versions of TurboTax are currently on sale at Amazon, and it’s a deep discount (30-40% off).  You can choose the file-only download, or you can have them send you the physical box with CD in it.  I’ve done it both ways and didn’t see any real advantage to having the CD, but if you’re less comfortable with downloading and installing files, you may prefer to get the CD.

I highly recommend TurboTax and (again, from past experience) this is about the lowest price you’re going to see on it!  The price will actually go up the closer we get to the filing deadline!

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4 thoughts on “Do Your Own Taxes and Save – Big Sale on TurboTax!

  1. samantha

    I did not like turbo tax thbis year took way to long to get federal funds back


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