Prep for Offline Holiday Shopping, Too!

By | November 21, 2015

In my last post I talked about how to get ready for shopping through QuickRewards cashback!

This post is all about what QR can do for you OFFLINE!

1.  Do you cook your own holiday dinners?  Do you host get-togethers or bake goodies for friends and neighbors?  Then you should check out QR’s printable grocery coupons section!  Not only will you find printable grocery coupons to help save you money in-store, but when you redeem those coupons, you’ll also earn $.05 per coupon redeemed!  Saving AND earning when you buy your groceries — how could it get any better than that?  Just email QR support after your shopping trip and let us know how many coupons you redeemed that you printed from our site.

The available coupons change from week to week, but right now you’ll find savings on products like these:

  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  • French’s Fried Onions
  • Reynolds Wrap Foil
  • Hormel Cure81 Ham
  • Hefty Foam Plates
  • Bounty Paper Towels
  • Sister Sheubert’s Rolls
  • McCormick Gourmet Spices
  • M&Ms

…and many other brands people often use during the holidays!  Tip:  if you see a coupon you may use, go ahead and print it now because it may not be there next time you check!  Another tip:  you can change your printer settings to only print in black ink (and I set mine to draft mode, too), which saves on ink and still prints a scannable coupon!

2.  Buy discounted gift cards NOW, to stretch your dollar when you’re shopping in stores…or for gift-giving!  You’ll earn cashback from QR, too!  One popular store our members use is called CardCash.  You’ll earn 1% cashback on the cards you buy from them, but even sweeter is the discount that you’ll get on the face value of the card!  Their discount rates change, but right now, these are some of the discounts off face value:

  • JCPenney – 12% off
  • Marshalls – 13% off
  • Childrens Place – 14% off
  • Bass Pro Shops – 15% off
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods – 16% off
  • American Eagle – 23% off
  • Petco – 24% off

And those are just several of the many gift cards they have available!  You should also note when you shop that some are eGift Cards that will be delivered almost immediately by email, while others are physical cards which have to be mailed.  (Those may not make it to you by Black Friday.)  Also, while the portion of your shopping order paid for by a gift card isn’t eligible for QR cashback credit, most of these cards can still be used for online shopping as well as in stores!

3.  You’re going to be doing all that shopping, aren’t you going to get hungry?  Eating out on Black Friday (and effectively wasting a big chunk of the money saved by getting up at 3am to fight the crowds) is a big tradition for a lot of people, but you can still have the dining-out experience on a budget with deals from Groupon, Living Social,, and the Entertainment Book (which has a relatively new app to bypass having to print discounts)!  You’ll save money on your meal, and you’ll also earn cash back from QuickRewards!

I hope these tips help you to save some money, and earn some money, too, on your offline holiday shopping — on Black Friday and every day!

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