On Your Mark…

By | November 18, 2015

The holiday shopping season is upon us, with Thanksgiving next week, and many retailers will be rolling out Black Friday pricing as early as Wednesday.

QuickRewards offers cash back of up to 20% on hundreds of major retailers including JCPenney, Target, Barnes and Noble, Kmart, Sears, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Disney Store, and so many others!  All you have to do is visit QuickRewards.net, search for your favorite store, and start shopping from our site!  You’ll get the same pricing, but those extra couple of clicks will give yourself the gift of cash back while you shop for gifts for others!

Here are a few very important tips to be sure that your cashback credits to your account:

1.  Delete any toolbars you may have on your computer as soon as possible.

Why?  Many of these toolbars offer to give you some kind of service like an updated weather forecast for your area, or they come bundled when you download some other software.  But what they do in the background is try to “hijack” the sales commission for any orders you place online.  If they succeed, the toolbar company keeps the commission for your order, QuickRewards doesn’t get it, and that’s what we share with the member in the form of cashback!  Toolbars = bad.  Here’s how to delete toolbars if you have them!

2.  Clear your cookies before you get ready to shop — that is, BEFORE you go to QuickRewards!

Why?  Because if you’ve recently been to a deal site or if you’ve clicked on a banner ad from some other website, this may leave a cookie that will give them the sales commission for any purchase you make.  THOSE sites, unlike us, won’t share their sales commission with you in the form of cash back!  So get those old cookies off BEFORE you visit QR to shop!

3.  Always start your shopping session through the links to your favorite stores located on QuickRewards.net!

Why?  Because this lets the store know that QR sent you there to shop!  If you put items into your shopping cart and then go, “Oops, I forgot to go to QR to click through their link first,” STOP!  Please clear your cookies, then visit QR’s link to the store and re-add the items to your cart.  Otherwise, your cashback may not credit.  And that would make us sad.  🙁

4.  Only use coupon codes that you find on the store’s website, on QR’s store page, or here on QRdeals!

Why?  Because some coupon codes are issued only to a specific deal site, and using that site’s coupon code usually cancels out your QR cashback.  The same thing goes for coupon codes the store may send you directly through email or snail-mail — using these codes usually voids cashback.  Don’t see a coupon code listed for your favorite store?  Just askWe’d be happy to find a code that CAN be combined with cashback!

5.  Save your confirmation email!

Why?  You’ll see in a few store descriptions on QR that you’ll need to send to support a copy of your order confirmation email because cashback won’t automatically post.  Also, even if you take all of the above advice, sometimes your cashback still won’t automatically credit for some unknown reason.  Your order confirmation mail will have all of the info we need to contact the store and get you paid!

Thank you for your loyal support of QuickRewards!  Please be sure that you’ve signed up for our once-daily shopping email here, so you don’t miss out on a deal when they’re flying fast and furious next week!

13 thoughts on “On Your Mark…

  1. Ginger

    Thanks for the info Becky! That really helps. I always think about ordering and getting cash back from QR but I never have. This makes it look really easy. Have a great weekend!

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