Facebook Updates…and a Contest!

By | October 1, 2015

QuickRewards has had a Facebook page for 6 years now, and as anyone who uses Facebook knows, things have changed a lot in that time.  (Remember BEFORE “Timeline”?  We do!)

Now when we post to our Facebook page, they scan it for characters like the $ and % signs, or words like “coupon,” “offer,” or “sale.”  If they find them, Facebook’s automated system decides that our post must be an ad, and they prompt us to pay them money for the “ad.”  If we don’t pay, only a small number of our page’s Likers will see the post.

We think QuickRewards members “Like” us on Facebook primarily to receive messages like these:

  • “There’s a new, quick and easy $.50 survey that just went live…”
  • “Did you see the new coupons in our printable grocery coupons section?  Earn $.05 for each one you redeem!”
  • “Kohls has a 30% off sale on…”
  • “Hurry to our Offer Portal to earn $.10 just for…”

Thanks to Facebook’s filters, NONE of these messages would ordinarily make it to your newsfeed.

But there’s a workaround:  Get Notifications.

Simply go to our Facebook page, hover over the down-arrow icon next to Liked, click Get Notifications, and below it, click See First.  This will do two things:  it will alert you with a “blinkie” (the globe icon will light up) when we post something new on our Facebook page, like a survey that just went live — that’s when you have the best odds of getting into the full survey, and this will also help our updates show up in your newsfeed!


Speaking of Facebook, here’s another update, for those of you who play our Guess My Number Game:  all GMN Game reminders have moved to their own Facebook page!  If you enjoy working with your fellow members to make better guesses on the game, you’ll now find these reminders on the Guess My Number Page here!  Be sure to Like it, and follow the same procedure as described above if you want to receive notifications when each new game goes live.

If you didn’t know QR even HAD a Facebook page, be sure you Like us on Facebook for some of the useful money-earning and money-SAVING tips we post there, as well as fun contests — in fact, we just started one where 25 of our FB fans will receive a $1 QR account bonus!  Look for the “First October FB Contest” post to enter to win!

Thank you for your support of QuickRewards, and we will see you on Facebook! 

(Prefer Twitter?  Our FB updates also are cross-posted on our Twitter account!)

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