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By | April 10, 2015

Do you like QR?  But have you liked us on Facebook?

fbiconLike our Facebook page for the daily trivia answer (see Posts by Others – someone always posts the answer!), for tips on our Guess My Number Game, for contests for cash or tokens, and for a heads-up when new surveys go live on our homepage!  Have a question about how QR works?  Ask away, and one of our awesome, helpful members will answer you quickly!  Found an easy offer that paid you quickly?  Make a post to share your tips and help your fellow members!

The party’s over on Facebook…see you there!

2 thoughts on “Like Us on Facebook!

  1. Katniss

    I love QuickRewards so much. Easy payout. You just have to do surveys, complete offers and more, and you can earn rewards. I don’t have any problem cashing out, so far. I even tried to cash out only 50 cents to see if this site isn’t a scam, and they approved it. In addition, whenever I have questions, I just have to send them an email and they will respond immediately. This site is totally worth my time. Thanks QuickRewards!

  2. Steffyboo32786

    Okay so far I really like Quick Rewards. I wanted to also see if it was legit and so I tried cashing out at $2.00 and they let me which is a breath of fresh air considering most survey sites make you wait until you reach a certain amount before you can cash out and i think it is ridiculous because it is our money that we earned so we should be able to ask for it whenever we need it or want it. Anyways this site so far is interesting I have only really been doing it for a couple days and only a couple of hours honestly but I do enjoy it so far and I hope I get approved for a lot of surveys unlike other sites that make you answer a ton of questions just to say you aren’t approved even though you basically already did the whole survey. They have games and everything which is what makes it fun as well and keeps it more interesting. Thanks Quick Rewards I really love your panel so far!!


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