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By | April 29, 2015

We’ve had some discussion on our Facebook page this week about how some changes are supposed to be coming to the way Facebook displays our content to you.

As a business page, Facebook is going to assume that most things we post are there to make money…which means they want to make money from it, too, and they are pushing page owners (like QR) to pay to have things displayed in our members’ newsfeeds. This isn’t new, but rumor has it that some changes taking place on 4/30 or 5/1 will make it even more difficult for things we post to hit your Facebook newsfeed.

We’re not sure exactly what they’re going to do, so we’re asking members to proactively do a couple of things that we hope will help us be able to reach you with quick updates (new surveys just launched, a sale tonight only at one of our cashback stores, our Guess My Number game collaboration reminder posts, etc.) — without having to mass-email the entire membership:

1. This may not work at all after the upcoming change, but we’d ask that you sign up to get all notifications on Facebook. To do this from a computer, go to our Facebook page, Like it if you haven’t already, then hover your mouse over the Like button and click Get Notifications. It will look like this:


2.  Sign up here to receive a QRdeals Email, max of one daily, only on days when there’s been a post made to QR’s shopping blog.  Be sure you click the link in the confirmation mail they send to complete the signup.  The QRdeals email is sent out around 3pm ET.  And of course, you can unsubscribe from it at any time.

3.  Follow us on Twitter.  We don’t send out a lot of Twitter-specific content but we have set up our settings such that anything new posted on our FB page will automatically (within minutes) post to Twitter with a link to read the full update on Facebook.

We are continuing to research all options to get content to our members quickly without having to add yet another email to the daily list.  Please check back here and on our Facebook page often as we will be posting updates as these new changes go into effect.

Thank you for helping us stay in touch!

3 thoughts on “Help Us Stay In Touch

  1. Elizabeth Arraiz Leake

    I already have checked “notifications” on QR’s Facebook page. But, most of the time notifications come in several minutes after the posting. Sometimes it’s over 20 minutes – reminders for GMN game, etc. So, if I were you, I really wouldn’t be too concerned with this new action by Facebook.
    Also, I don’t use Twitter.

  2. Suzanne - USFreebieFinder

    Your best possibility for sending quick updates is to create a Facebook gruop instead of a page, then people get the notifications rightaway without the interference of the Facebook algorithm.

  3. Corey

    Only thing is, and I’m not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings,
    but when you go to the facebook and twitter pages for quickrewards,
    all you see is the guess your number game, which seems to play 6 times
    every day. So you can’t really find any deals or surveys, or what have you.
    Perhaps you could make a side account on twitter that just deals with
    the daily number game? Then it wouldn’t be so cluttered. Or, if
    there was a filter of some sort where you could filter it out.


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