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By | January 15, 2015 is a rewards site like no other — you can earn PayPal and free gift cards in so many ways, sometimes our new members are a bit overwhelmed!

You can earn by:

  • printing and redeeming grocery store coupons
  • watching videos
  • completing surveys
  • signing up for newsletters
  • entering contests
  • trying out new services
  • shopping online through the links on our site (earning “cash back”)
  • applying to participate in clinical research trials
  • playing daily trivia
  • participating on our Facebook page

…and we’re always finding new ways to help our members earn money online!

questionmarkTo help our new members get up-to-speed and earning rewards, QUICKer, here are some New Member Resources that may help if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed:

First, here is a FAQ we developed after a live chat with members a few years ago.

Next is our Facebook page, where members can ask other members for help, someone always posts the answer to the daily trivia question, and many members work together to try to narrow down the correct answer to the six-times-daily Guess My Number game.  We also do frequent Facebook contests for QR account credits.

Another resource we have for new members is our Buddy System, where we can introduce you to a veteran member who’s volunteered to share their tips on how to earn quicker with us and to answer any other new member questions.  Please let us know if you’re interested and give us permission to share your email address and first name with a volunteer.

emailbuttonAnd last but not least, if you find you’re receiving too many emails from us, just tell us and we can adjust your email schedule.  This is the biggest reason many members quit our site, and sadly, the easiest one to fix if they just knew to request it!

QuickRewards has been online helping members earn and save money since 2002, with PayPal payments of $.01 or more made within 48 hours, and gift cards starting at $5 mailed out weekly.  We’re so glad to have you join us, and we hope to see you earning and redeeming with us soon!

Welcome to QR!


~Becky (your social media director), on behalf of the entire QR staff

10 thoughts on “New Member? Get Answers Here!

  1. josh porter

    this is the best site out there! you cant find another site with faster response and cash out at any time!

    1. Eric

      On what? All I’ve managed to find are low priced surveys that opts a vast majority of people out because the demogrpahic questions we answered at the begining of our membership aren’t filtering surveys we are eligible for and placing them on the dashboard. Most other options are to waste every single bit of what limited $107.00 high speed home data I have on watching 60-120 minutes of videos for a penny in return, or to pay sponsors or silver and gold offers just to have pennies reunded back. I would like to know these “secrets” how people are accumulating these so-called hundreds of dollars each month by taking hour long surveys (if you aren’t disqualified) for pennies, when there isn’t that much time in a day, week, or month that such change would build up that fast. Unless a vast majorty of people don’t have an actual job and has time to sit in front of a screen the whole day. I would believe it more if the demographic questions we answered would filter and show surveys we are eligible to take.

  2. Vanessa Dugas

    I am a member of more then 30 survey and reward organizations but this site is my absolute favorite!!!

  3. Vanessa Dugas

    I hope they get more games I love trivia and guess my number:-)

  4. Tanya Palmer

    So how much can I make with this site and this site pays every Friday with PayPal if I get to much email I let u know


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