$3 for Approved Target RedCard Debit or Credit Card Application!

By | December 7, 2014

redcardbenefitsThe holidays are here, and you may be wondering how you can afford all that gift-giving in such a short period of time.  Target has it all, and with an approved Target RedCard Credit Card, you can pay over time!  Plus, for a limited time only, you’ll receive a $3 reward from QuickRewards when you apply for, and get approved for, a Target RedCard Credit Card!

Don’t want another credit card?  If you have a checking account, you can get the Target RedCard Debit Card and still earn $3 from QuickRewards!

BOTH cards offer these perks:

  • 5% off your total, every time you shop!
  • All orders you pay for with the Target RedCard Debit or Credit Card on Target.com receive free shipping year-round, no minimum order size required!
  • Extend your allowed time for returning items to the store (great, especially this time of year) by an extra 30 days!

Apply now for your Target RedCard Debit or Credit Card, and take advantage of 5% lower prices, free shipping on all online orders, and 30 extra days for returns…plus a $3 reward from QuickRewards!

Note:  Please email support@quickrewards.net to claim your $3 reward after you have been notified of approval; your account will be credited within 72 hours.  This reward is not issued by Target.  It may take in some instances 30 days to receive approval.

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