The Evolution of Black Friday to Black Every-Day!

By | November 22, 2014

christmasshopping2014Being a shopping blogger at the holidays was challenging enough when you had a couple of really big online shopping days:  Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Then, retailers saw that people were going online on Thanksgiving to shop — so some Black Friday deals actually went online on Thanksgiving Day.

A few years back, retailers added in “Brown Monday,” renamed Free Shipping Day:  the last date for most retailers that you can shop online and still get your order there by Christmas with standard shipping.

Then retailers observed that EVERY Monday after Thanksgiving was a huge shopping day online (people who were busy doing recreational things with the family on the weekend would get back to work on Monday, and go online during work hours to shop).  So we had this explosion of Cyber Monday Revisited type of promotions.

Last year, and again to an even greater extent this year, it’s like…EVERY day is Black Friday!  Black Friday-worthy discounts have been offered by major stores and even some smaller ones on and off since Halloween!

I’ll be trying to keep up by posting quick snippets of the best-of-the-best deals here on the shopping blog, but chances are, whereever you want to shop, there’s already a big sale going on!  Just be sure you start your shopping session through the shopping section on QuickRewards!  And be aware that even if you do, using a coupon code that you got in an email or text from the store, from one of their catalogs, or from some other deal site may void your QR cashback.

Often we’ll have access to a code for a similar discount — just ask!

FYI:  if you click through QR’s link to a store, and on that page they list a coupon code, it should be perfectly fine to use that code and still get QR credit!

Looking for a deal on something specific?  Email me and let me know and I’ll do my best to find you a bargain!  (Yes, you have your own personal shopper — an added perk of QR membership!)

Thank you for being a member of QuickRewards!  Remember, we are one of the (if not THE) only cashback programs to allow you to immediately cash out your earned shopping cashback with no minimum balance required, versus making you wait 60 to 90 days and requiring you to have earned $5 to $20 before you can cash out.  We just ask that if you have to return something you bought, please let us know so we can adjust your QR balance — we don’t get to keep the sales commission on an item you return.

Questions?  Need a coupon code?  Would like to see a store added?  We love to talk to our members — please email Becky here!

One thought on “The Evolution of Black Friday to Black Every-Day!

  1. micheal

    Black Friday has become a staple in the american experience. It is not a surprise anymore to see love ones and friends alike rush from a thanksgiving feast to standing or sleeping to get the best deals. Only problem I have with black Friday is it sometimes brings out the worst in people.


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