Save $4.25 on Pull-Ups at Target! $.05 Coupon Redemption Credit, Too!

By | November 5, 2014

pullupsIf there’s a child in Pull-Ups in your family (or maybe you have a friend with one!), there’s a great triple-maybe-quadruple savings deal going on this week at Target!

Target allows you to combine one store coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon on the same item.

This week, there’s a printable Target store coupon out for $2 off any Pull-Ups item.  You can find and print it here.

In addition, there’s also a manufacturer’s coupon out for $2.25 off a jumbo or larger sized Pull-Ups.  You can find and print it here.

The third sweet part of this deal is that this manufacturer’s coupon comes from QR’s coupon section, so you’ll get a $.05 account credit when you email support to tell us you redeemed it!

And last but not least, the possible fourth savings here is if you use your Target RedCard (debit or credit) to pay for your Pull-Ups, because they automatically take 5% off your order total at the register when you pay by RedCard!

Having kiddos in Pull-Ups is expensive…I remember those days!  But until you can get them potty-trained, especially at night, they’re a MUST.  This deal going on this week at Target will help you save a nice chunk of change!

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