Guess My Number Game Help, and Instant Notifications of New Shopping Blog Posts!

By | January 25, 2014

fbookDid you know that you can get help narrowing down the correct answer for our Guess My Number Games?  We have a very active community of members on our QuickRewards Facebook Page, and your fellow members post there what they guessed, and whether it was high or low, so other members will have better odds of guessing it right!  (And yes, when they’ve figured out the answer, they post it there, too!)

Of course, good karma rules dictate that you not just wait until the answer’s been deduced on every game and take advantage of everyone’s hard work — you should also post the results of your own guesses, too, to help others!

Do you like to hear about great shopping deals?  Another reason to like us on Facebook:  you’ll get an immediate notification when I add a new deals post to the shopping blog!

But that’s not all!  Our Facebook friends also get notices from time to time of quick and easy paid surveys that have just been added to QR, so you’ll have the best chance to qualify!

Are you a new user and maybe a little overwhelmed by all the ways to earn on QR?  You’ll get a quick and friendly response to your questions about QR from our active, veteran users!

Here’s the link to our Facebook page — hope to see you there soon!


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