Free Movie Ticket(s) When You Buy Fandango Gift Cards!

By | December 2, 2013

fandangocybermondayFandango has a Cyber Monday special today:  buy $50 in Fandango gift cards, get a free movie ticket…or buy $75 and get TWO free movie tickets!

If you know you’re going to go to the movies this coming year — who isn’t? — go ahead and pick these up now to take advantage of the free movie tickets!  You can stretch your gift cards even further by selecting matinees, or by taking advantage of other special offers your local theater may offer.  For example, we have a Cinemark and they discount even more than regular matinee prices the first showing of each movie each day…and we have a Regal Cinema that does $5 movies all day on Tuesdays.  Both of these theaters have online ticketing through Fandango!

Of course Fandango GCs make great Christmas gifts, employee end of the year thank-you gifts, etc.  Enjoy a nice perk for yourself for giving a gift to someone else!

You’ll earn $1 for every purchase of Fandango Bucks (gift cards) from QR, too!  Please forward your order confirmation to QR support to collect it!

Please note:  Fandango GC orders, and all other gift card orders, do not count toward our holiday bonus promotion.

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