Newest Way to Earn Quickly on QuickRewards: Encrave Videos!

By | November 20, 2013

encraveHave you seen our newest way to earn on QuickRewards?  It’s called the Encrave Video Portal, and it is a fast and easy way to earn by watching a quick preview of 5 videos — no need to watch the videos in their entirety if you’re not interested in them!

This is how I breeze through them quickly:

encravedailybonus1.  Visit the QR Paid to Watch Videos section and click on Encrave.

2.  You will see several boxes that look like the one on the right.  Click the box to get started.

greycheck3.  A progress bar will appear (it’s greyed out until you get started), as well as a list of five videos.  Each video on the list has a checkmark on the far right that is also greyed out until you start.

4.  Click the top video on the listing and a new window will pop open, and the first video will begin to play.  Watch enough of it as you’re interested in, then flip back to the checkmark window without closing the video window yet.

greencheck5.  The checkmark for that video should have turned green, or it will within a matter of seconds.  Once it does, you can click on the next video on the list…and you can close the prior video window.

Continue until all 5 checkmarks have turned to green!  You’ll see your credit in your QR account within 2 hours if not sooner!

This earning opportunity is unlimited, as long as videos are available for viewing in the Encrave Video section!  You can do this all day long if you want!

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