Cashback for Ending Sunday

By | June 25, 2013

Don’t shoot the messenger.

6pmlogoWe’ve been informed that will be pulling all cashback partners on July 1 so they can determine whether we’re helping drive additional sales, or if we’re just eating into their profit.

I know that many of you are BIG fans of 6pm — they have awesome sales and they do free shipping on all orders every day.

If you want to earn cashback for 6pm — that’s 5% cash back — please get your order in by Sunday.

Hopefully they will see a drop in orders when cashback isn’t available, and that will show them the importance of partnering with cashback sites like QR.

Big sales going on at 6pm now include:

  • clarkstateClarks shoes at up to 60% off,
  • past season’s styles of The North Face, Patagonia, and Columbia for $49.99 or less,
  • summer dresses starting at $24.99,
  • New Balance workout separates for under $13, and
  • up to 70% off in the Clearance section!


One thought on “Cashback for Ending Sunday

  1. Analyn

    Wow! this is awesome…nothing beats with this sale. Better brand better prices. Everybody gonna love it!


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