Size 7 Antique Engraved Diamond Ring in .925 Sterling for $19 Shipped

By | April 4, 2013

szuldiamondringSzul (4% cashback) has as its Jewelry Deal of the Day today an Antique Engraved Diamond Ring in .925 Sterling Silver for a ridiculously low $19 shipped!

As you can imagine at this price, the diamonds are very small:  there are four of them with a 0.03 CTW.  However their cut is graded “very good.”  The engraving on the ring makes it look like there are more diamonds.  I mean, glance at the pic and you’d think so, too, right?

The ring is only available in a size 7 — which is about the average for most women, I think.  Mother’s Day will be here before you know it; maybe this would make a good gift for Mom (or yourself)!

Please forward your order confirmation email to QR support for cashback on this deal.  Very pretty ring!

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