Have a Keurig? Save on K-Cups with This Deal from Groupon!

By | February 21, 2013

k-cupgrouponKeurig machines are all the rage today — they had one set up in my dentist’s waiting room when I was there this morning!  But those pods can be pricey, sometimes around $.80-$.90 each.  And you may buy a box only to find you really dislike that flavor.

Groupon has a deal going on for the refillable EkoBrew cup!  They’re $7.99 for one, two-packs are $12.99, and if you spend $15 or more you’ll get free shipping!  (So maybe it’s worth it for you to spring for a three-pack for $18.99!)

These refillable brewing cups cut down on waste and give you the freedom to brew the ground coffee you’re familiar with that may not come in K-cups just yet.  Either way, you’ll save quite a bit over the cost of those disposable K-cups.

Know someone who’s recently bought a Keurig?  This would make a great gift for them!

Please forward your order confirmation email to QR support for cashback credit – thanks!

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