6 Assorted Travelon Handbags for $49.99 ($3.99 flat rate shipping) Today at GraveyardMall!

By | February 20, 2013

gymtravelonOne of GraveyardMall‘s deals of the day today is an assortment of 6 Travelon handbags for $49.99!  Yep, that’s just $8 and some change apiece!

These are highly-rated handbags and will come in a variety of colors including some standard ones like black and brown.  They have lots of zipper pockets to get and KEEP you organized.

Why are these top name brand bags on discount?  Because they all came with a small LED light for you to use to see the inside of your purse with and their batteries were defective/dead.  Toss out the lights like you probably would have anyway and you still have six really NICE purses for about $8 each!

GraveyardMall is so sure you’ll be happy with this deal that they’re offering free return shipping if you’re not 100% satisfied!

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