Resolving to Stop Smoking? Earn Cashback While You Quit!

By | January 3, 2013

Smoking is such a nasty habit — both in terms of how hard it is to quit AND how yucky cigarette smoke smells!  But there are some things you can do to help kick the habit, and you’ll earn QR cashback in addition to how much you’ll save on those gosh-awful expensive cancer sticks!  😉

cvsstopsmokingquizCVS Pharmacy (3% cashback) has 20% off their stop smoking items plus an extra $5 off Nicoderm or Nicorette if you take their stop smoking quiz on their home page!  (It also suggests which product is best for you based on your smoking habits!  Handy!) has Nicoderm CQ (steps 1, 2, AND 3) on sale for 17% off:  $49.99 versus the usual $59.99!  Or if you prefer Nicorette, it’s on sale for 20% off (price varies based on the strength and whether it’s the lozenge or gum).  They sell Walgreens brand stop-smoking aids, too.  Shipping’s free on $25+, and you’ll earn 7% cashback on your order!

drleonardsnicoutDr. Leonard’s (4% cashback)  sells Nic-Out Cigarette Filters (as seen on TV) for $7.99 and buy one, get one free, PLUS free shipping on every order!  With a nearly 4.5-star rating out of 37 reviews, this sounds like a promising product to help you kick the smoking habit.  These filters remove an average of 94% of all tar and nicotine from cigarettes without changing the taste!

vaporninestarterkitVaporNine (6% cashback) sells “the most realistic e-cigarette available”!  There are over 20 VaporNine flavors, and you can smoke for DAYS without refilling!  Their Nebula Deluxe Starter Kit starts at just $44.95, and orders of $50 or more ship free!

botanicchoicestopsmokingPrefer a natural stop-smoking product?  Botanic Choice (6% cashback) sells a Homeopathic Stop Smoking Formula for a low $5!  It’s supposed to stop nicotine cravings through the use of seven natural herbs.  The $5 bottle contains 90 tablets, and you may need to take as many as 8 a day, so it’s probably wise to pick up a couple of bottles just in case.

However you do it, I applaud you on your decision to stop smoking and wish you luck!  It will add years to your life, and lots of extra money back into your budget, too!  😉

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