Free Shipping on Select Tins for National Popcorn Day at The Popcorn Factory!

By | January 19, 2013

popcornfactorytulipsThe Popcorn Factory (6% cashback) has a coupon code out that’s good today only in honor of National Popcorn Day!  FSPOPCORN will ship select tins for free!

Pricing starts at  just $27.99 shipped!

popcornfactorypeaceThere are a wide assortment of tins to choose from, in styles ranging from Thank You, Happy Birthday, Encouragement, Valentine’s Day, sports teams, and some cute general purpose designs (I like those because the recipient can reuse the tin for something else after they finish off the munchies)!

Most tins have a variety of three or four flavors of popcorn but there are a few that have other items like pretzels, cookies, nuts, Jelly Bellies, and chocolates, like this Peace, Love & Popcorn snack assortment tin for just $29.99 shipped!

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