Did You Resolve to Get Organized? Earn Cashback While You Do It!

By | January 2, 2013

One of my major goals for 2013 (I won’t call it a “resolution,” because that’s a sure-fire way for me to quit trying) is to get more organized — in terms of time management as well as managing my STUFF.  Here are some great cashback merchants at QuickRewards.net to help you get organized for 2013:

joannrollingorganizerJoann.com (5% cashback) has all the organization items you can imagine for crafters!  Everyday Storage is 40% off, with their New Year’s Sale going on right now, too, through Saturday.  Click on the Storage tab to find all of the best storage items in one place.  I LOVE this 10 drawer rolling organizer for $53.99!  So many other great storage cabinets, carts, and boxes…this is definitely a sale to take advantage of!

officedepotneatlifeOffice Max (3.1% cashback) is offering 20% off your order with code SAVE20 and free shipping on all $20+ orders through Saturday!  Find some really “neat” organizers by searching for Neat Life, a brand of affordably-priced organizers of various types including rolling file carts with drawers, wall-mounted organizer bureaus, desktop storage units, and more!

aceclosetorganizerAce Hardware (3.2% cashback) has Red Hot Buys going on through the end of the month, with free shipping to your local Ace, or get it shipped directly to your home!  Shelving units, plastic lidded boxes, and search for organizer to find all KINDS of great organizers including broom and mop organizers, cosmetic organizers, cabinet door mounted organizers, kitchen wrap organizers, and much more!

daytimervinylDay-Timer (3.5% cashback) has gorgeous leather and leather-look planners for those of us who are still not completely digital-based, including “Mom Planners” for the ladies who work at homemaking (a job NOT to be taken lightly!).  Get organized for travel with one of their briefcases or travel bags!

colorfulimagespostitsColorful Images (6.5% cashback) sells personalized Post-it Notes, storage cases for photos and DVDs, business card organizers, labels, magazine holders, greeting card organizer boxes…just a ton of great items that individuals OR businesses can use to get and STAY organized!

1800gotjunk1-800-Got-Junk (1.5% cashback) will remove your unwanted “junk” after you get organized!  Book pickup through QRs link and you’ll receive $10 off their junk removal services!  They recycle as much as they can, too, so you know you’re doing your part toward a more green planet.

These are just a few of the many QR cashback merchants that pay you to keep your resolution to get organized!  Hope these suggestions help get you started…good luck!

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