Unique Gift Idea: Six Month Membership to Ancestry.com!

By | December 18, 2012

ancestrylivingsocialLiving Social (1% cashback) has a really interesting gift idea and at 36% off regular price:  get a six month US Discovery Gift Membership to Ancestry.com for just $49!  If you have a family member with an interest in genealogy (researching your family tree), this is something I KNOW they would appreciate!

With this membership, they’ll receive access to all US records on the site which includes DETAILED birth, marriage, death, and census records (including occupations, ages, siblings, birthplaces, addresses, and maiden names).  They’ll also be able to see family trees shared by other members, which may turn up more relatives you didn’t know you had!

Buy one of these for yourself, too — I’ve used Ancestry.com myself and it’s amazing how much time you’ll spend on there without even realizing it, as one clue leads to another!

Please forward your order confirmation email to QR support for cashback credit on this one.  Thanks!

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