Oh, No! I Forgot to Get Him/Her a Gift! No Sweat, I’ve Got Ya Covered. :)

By | December 24, 2012

Look, we’ve all done it at some point.  Maybe you thought you got them a gift but now you can’t find it.  Or maybe Great-Aunt Esther popped in unexpectedly and you didn’t have a gift for her.  Or (gasp!) you just plain procrastinated and now you don’t have time to run out to the store.

No sweat.  I’ve got ya covered.  🙂

Not only are these gifts super-nice and instant (or near-instant), you’ll earn QR cashback for them…whoo-hoo!

1.  eGift Cards.  Check out the selection of stores on QR that offer cashback for gift cards.  When you visit the stores on that list, make sure they offer eGift Cards that are either emailable or printable.  I suggest:

  • fandangogcFandango ($1 per Fandango Bucks order):  Click the Gift Cards link on the top of the screen.  Their Digital Gift Cards can be send by email, Facebook, OR text!
  • Inspired Silver:  10% cashback AND they’re adding 50% bonus to whatever you spend (buy a $20 eGC, and they’ll turn it into a $30 eGC for free!)
  • Restaurant.com: 10% cashback and get $25 GCs (printable or emailable!) for $7 with coupon code QUICK
  • qvcgcQVC (3.5% cashback):  Click Send an E-Gift Card on the left side of the page.  Print or email, and they’re delivered within minutes!
  • Lowes (1% cashback on GCs):  These are delivered by email within 12 hours, so hurry up and get that order in quickly!
  • Amazon (no cashback available):  Instant delivery — email to the recipient or print it!

2.  Magazine Subscriptions.  Visit one of QR’s magazine cashback sites and sign your recipient up for a subscription you think they’ll like.  Print a digital pic of the magazine’s most recent issue, with a nice hand-written note that they should expect their subscription to start arriving soon!  I like:

  • familyfunxmasBestDealMagazines:  10% cashback and use code QUICKREW15 for 15% off their already discounted prices!  Family Fun is their deal of the day today at $3.99 before the 15% discount!  Other popular titles for just $4.69 a year before the code include Better Homes & Gardens, Parents, Golf Tips, and Men’s Fitness.
  • Magazines.com (25% cashback!):  They have a $6.99 Stocking Stuffer Sale going on now — great price but be sure you’re getting a whole year’s subscription (5 issues of a weekly mag for $6.99 isn’t that hot of a deal, ya know?).  Good deals there include $6.99 for 16 issues — OVER a year — of Popular Science, Field & Stream, or Outdoor Life.

3.  Groupons and LivingSocial Vouchers Spend some time looking around their sites and see what jumps out at you — there are some great deals to be had, you can email or print them for gift-giving in person, and you’ll earn cash back from QR, too!  (See my post from yesterday about great deals on Omaha Steaks!)

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