Entertainment Books $19.99 Shipped or $14.99 Shipped with Renewal Program! Extra Books $15 (or $10)!

By | December 13, 2012

All 2013 Entertainment Books are now just $19.99 shipped — yes, that’s books for both the US and Canada!  Choose the option for automatic renewal and the price drops to $14.99 shipped!  And you can cancel the renewal anytime after the book ships (if you want to, that is, or keep it to be sure you get the next year’s book as soon as it’s published)!

Want additional books?  They’re just $15 shipped, or $10 shipped if you opt for the renewal program!

Note:  They don’t guarantee shipping by Christmas unless you pay extra to upgrade to expedited shipping, however, my experience with these guys is that they ship out very quickly and if you order today I think you’re pretty safe.

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