SodaStream Deal for New HSN Customers, Bundle With Lots of Extras for $76.46 Shipped!

By | November 23, 2012

I’ve been scoping out prices on the SodaStream home carbonated beverage maker for my daughter, who has been after me for one of these since LAST Christmas, and after a couple of days of really looking around hard, taking coupon codes and cashback into consideration, I found THE BEST deal at HSN!

New HSN customers can use coupon code HSNNEWHOLIDAY for 15% off your first purchase!  (If you already have an account, maybe your significant other can sign up?)

They have a SodaStream Fountain Jet bundle (search for fountain jet to find it!) that includes a lot of extras that the basic Fountain Jet doesn’t include — I’ll go into that in a sec — and it’s on Event Pricing right now for just $89.95 with free shipping and handling!  With the code, your cost drops down to just $76.46 shipped!  With all of the extras they throw in with this bundle, this is a $159 retail value!

So here’s the scoop on the bonus items:

The basic SodaStream Fountain Jet contains the soda maker, one carbonator, and one BPA-free plastic bottle.  If you shop around, you can find it at around $80 at several different stores.

Or for $76.46 at HSN, you get the soda maker, the carbonator, the bottle, AND:
three additional bottles (four total: two half-liter and two one-liter — a twin pack of one-liter bottles is $24 at Amazon for comparison, and two half-liter bottles are $20 at Amazon, so this is a nice extra)

  • one 25.4 oz cola mix
  • one 16.9 oz Country Time Lemonade mix (each of these 16.9 oz mixes are $5 at Target!)
  • one 16.9 oz Diet Root Beer
  • one 16.9 oz Diet Cranberry-Raspberry
  • one 16.9 oz Diet Pink Grapefruit
  • six 1.7 oz Taste Samplers (one each of Diet Cola, Diet Pink Grapefruit, Energy, Lemon-Lime, Orange, and Root Beer)
  • three 1.35oz MyWater lemon-lime flavor packs

That’s a LOT of extras thrown in for free! 

If you’re wondering, the carbonators do need to be replaced about every 6 to 8 weeks (for a family of 4 soda drinkers).  Trade them in at Walmart or Target customer service for around $15.  The machine doesn’t require electricity or batteries so it’s portable for camping or boating, and they say you can save up to 90% on soda costs per year!  And the bottles these come with have a special seal that’s different from what comes on 2-liter bottles, so the fizz lasts over a week!

Remember to use the 15% off new HSN customer coupon code HSNNEWHOLIDAY to drop the price down from $90 to $76.46.  Shipping’s free, and I wasn’t charged sales tax.

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