QuickRewards Weekly Challenge

By | July 23, 2012

Were you able to place a $10 or more shopping order last week to qualify for our $1 bonus in last week’s Weekly Challenge?  Make sure you email support to claim it!

This week we are doing what we’re calling The 1 / 5 / 1 Challenge!  Earn a $.50 bonus to your account if between now and 11:59pm Sunday you complete:

  • ONE survey of any kind (targeted surveys or a daily router)
  • FIVE valid searches (search for something unique each time, that you have a genuine interest in)
  • ONE Offer Portal survey or offer (videos excluded)

Of course, feel free to do more, but if you can at least hit these minimums you’ll not only earn our regular reward for the activity but a $.50 bonus to your account!

Email us on Monday the 30th to claim your bonus — don’t worry, we’ll remind you!  And good luck with this week’s challenge!

2 thoughts on “QuickRewards Weekly Challenge

  1. Helen Polacek

    Dear Sir/Madamm:
    I was just wondering how come I receive a e-mail asking me to do a parti-
    cular survey daily and then when I log-in to do it, it tells me they don’t
    need me to complete that survey today.
    Is there a reason? Have I done something wrong? I just don’t get it why
    they e-mail me and then I log in and tey tell me they don’t need anyone
    to do any more surveys today? And this survey was to be done daily?

    I would a like to know if there is something I am doing that is in-correct
    or whatever.
    Thank You very much,

    Helen Polacek

    1. Becky Post author

      Hi, Helen! Survey availability depends on a lot of things including your demographic profile and how long the survey has been accepting responses. It may have been open for new responses when we sent the email, but have filled up by the time you read it. This post has more information about survey availability – hope it helps to answer some of your questions but if not, please email me at becky at quickrewards dot net and I’d be happy to help further!:



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