QuickRewards.net’s First Weekly Challenge: Get $1 Off any Gift Card. Find Out How!

By | July 9, 2012

I’m really excited to announce a new feature to QR that’s starting today:  the Weekly Challenge!

Each week we’ll offer our members a goal, and if you can hit that goal, you’ll earn a reward, like a bonus to your account, or reduced prices to cash out for a gift card!

We’re kicking off the new Weekly Challenge feature today with a nice reward:  one dollar off any gift card including Amazon!

How do you earn this week’s reward?

This is (I think) an easy one:  earn $7.50 on QR in any way, shape, or form between now and 11:59pm on Sunday (7/15).  Email us on or after July 16th to claim your reward and after we’ve confirmed your participation, we’ll add $1 to your account, dropping the cost of any gift card by a buck!

There is some fine print — isn’t there always?:
1.  Manual credits for shopping will count toward the $7.50 Challenge, because we can confirm these through our auditing system, but due to fraud concerns, any other type of manual credits are excluded.
2.  Surveys that say they take “3-7 days to credit” are also excluded, because they won’t be in your account by the end of the day on Sunday.  Likewise, surveys that credit today for your activity last week don’t count, because we’re looking to see what you can do to meet the challenge THIS week.
3.  $1 bonuses for completing 5 or more surveys in a day don’t count, because we’d be giving you two bonuses for the same activity.

Other than those couple of exclusions, everything else applies!

“How on earth do I earn $7.50 in a week?”  This is a great time for you to familiarize yourself with some of the different ways to earn on QuickRewards.net!  Make sure you check out:

Our daily survey routers –  The Samplicio Router, the Greenfield USA router, and the LiveSample routers each pay $1 per day if you can complete a survey, United Daily Survey Router pays $.90,  and we have many others in the $.60-.65 range.  Be sure to get these done by Saturday because they may take 24 hours to credit.

The Signups section – On the QR homepage, select Earn To -> Signups.  We add new offers to this frequently, and you can use any email address to sign up for these (if you’d prefer to not receive promotional emails at your primary email address, for example).  Earn an easy $.30 for requesting a free 7 day pass to 24 Hour Fitness, for example!

Shopping – We have some great cashback rates on merchants where you love to shop, including JCPenney, Sears, Best Buy, Kmart, Walmart, Kohl’s, and more!  Need printer ink?  We offer 15% cashback at 4inkjets.com!  Are you a couponer?  Get a subscription to All You magazine, full of coupons each month, for $19.95 at Magazines.com and get 25% cashback!  And we have increased cashback starting today at David’s Cookies, our Merchant of the Week — was 3.5%, now 10%!

The Offer Portals – Find this under Earn To -> Offer Portals.  The gWallet, Payment Wall, Trial Pay, and SuperSonic offer walls pay in QuickPoints, which convert to cash automatically at a rate of 100 QP to $.01.  There are some easy offers here, like, sign up for the Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards Program (on the gWallet wall) for $.14 (1400 QuickPoints), Free Fast Savings (on the gWallet wall) where simply entering your zipcode will earn you $.07 (700 QuickPoints), etc.

Searches – Visit the QR homepage once an hour and click the QuickRewards Search banner, then do a valid search — search for something you’re interested in, and something different each time (not nonsense, or else we’ll lose this offer) — and you’ll earn up to $.02 each hour!  Click the Local.com banner on the homepage once a day and interact with the site for $.01 daily.

I’ll post a reminder on QRDeals next Monday so you won’t forget to claim your reward.  Thanks for participating in the Challenge!  Hope you enjoy this new QR perk!

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