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By | July 25, 2012

I’d like to welcome our new members to!  Thank you for signing up and we hope that you find the site as fun and profitable as our other 100,000+ members, many of whom have been active on QR for our full ten-year run!

Last fall we did a live chat with our members, and afterward we compiled a list of common questions and our answers in the hopes that it would help others who were either new to our site, or just were unfamiliar with all of the different ways to earn.  I hope that this will help you, our new folks, get to earning and getting paid QUICK-ly!

How much do I have to earn to get paid?
You can request PayPal with as little as $0.01, and we usually pay within 24 hours. Or choose from our selection of gift cards starting at $5, mailed out once a week.

How do I specify PayPal on my account?
When you cash out and choose PayPal, by default we send it to the email address you have on file with us. If you want it sent to an alternate email address, please let us know in the Comments field.

Is there a fee associated with cashing out for PayPal?

Why does QR not have a forum?
It would be time-consuming to keep it properly moderated. We would prefer to answer support questions by email. We have an active Facebook page members can use to meet other members or to get a quick question answered.

Can we get more paid clicks, trivia, or points for polls?
If we could figure out a way to generate the revenue to pay for these features, yes! But at the present time, because they are an expense to the company, we can’t expand these features.

Do I have to use the address I have on file with QR when I do offers?
No, you can use any email address, including a hotmail or yahoomail account set up just for signing up for offers.

What is Elite membership?
Our most active members are awarded Elite status on a quarterly basis. More info is here.

What does qp mean and how do they work?
QP = quickpoints. You earn them by visiting websites, clicking emails, and watching videos. They convert to cash automatically when you reach 100. 100qp = 1 cent.

What are tokens and how can they be redeemed?
Tokens are a little bonus that we give members in addition to cash rewards. They can be cashed out but you’ll need to stick around QR as an active member to earn enough to cash them out. They can be redeemed for magazine subscriptions, videos, or if you’re an Elite member, gift cards.

Do tokens expire?


Why does a survey ask about my ethnicity or my income?

Each survey is looking to fill a quota of people that fit different demographic profiles. The company commissioning the survey may be looking for more answers from one profile and fewer from another. You don’t have to answer any question you’re uncomfortable with but it may kick you out of the survey if you don’t.

Why can’t I get into a survey?
Availability depends on a lot of things including your demographics (moms of young kids seem to have more available vs. older folks), how long the survey has been live (popular demographic profiles will meet their quotas faster — vs. the quotas for 75+ year old Pacific Islanders making over $200,000), what time of day or day of the week (early mornings are better than later, Sundays are bad), and the inventory of surveys that are available at that moment. You can try again at another time as new surveys are added throughout the day. Also if you don’t have any luck, you can call another family member to the computer to try under their profile.

Will there ever be more surveys available for Canadians?
Yes, we have some plans in the works that will make more surveys available for both Canadian and UK members later this year.

Can I opt out of a particular daily router?
Not at this time, but soon. If you want to opt out of ALL daily survey routers but still remain a member of QR, please email support and we’ll take care of it right away.

How many surveys can I do in a day?
See the descriptions of each survey in our survey section. Most daily survey routers have a limit of one per day, except for the SI router, which has a limit of 5.

Why does it take so long for some surveys to credit?
Targeted (numbered) surveys credit once a week — they are batch-processed on Mondays. Sometimes for no particular reason the daily routers will have a delay in processing. QR credit is issued automatically as we are paid for the survey ourselves. If there’s a delay, it is on the router’s end.

Why do I do a survey, get to the end, and then get told I don’t qualify?
Sometimes this will happen if you speed through the questions, “straight-line” answering things without reading, or give contradictory answers to the demographic questions they give you at the beginning of the survey and again at the end. Occasionally it’s because the survey was mis-programmed (we don’t program them, we just help the survey companies get the completions they need for their client). This is frustrating for us, too, because when a survey doesn’t auto-credit, we don’t get paid, either. Just let us know and we will be happy to issue you a manual credit for the trouble.

Sometimes I complete a survey but don’t get credited. What do I do?
We suggest keeping a notebook or spreadsheet of which survey router you completed and on which date, then you can check it off as it credits. If it doesn’t, let us know and we can issue you up to 5 manual credits in a month. If you clean your cookies BEFORE going to QR to attempt surveys or clicking our emails to attempt them, 99% of the time you will have no trouble with survey crediting. Using CCleaner before going to QR / clicking survey emails tends to help crediting of the SI surveys.

I feel guilty about contacting support to ask for manual credit.
Don’t! We want to keep you as an active survey-taker, and if that means paying you a few times when we didn’t get credit for the survey, either, it’s worth it to us. If you’re having problems, we may be able to help you trouble-shoot, too.

Can we go back to getting a survey bonus based on the total done in one month?
We can either offer members what we pay now, or we can reduce the per-survey amount and go back to quarterly bonuses. (We asked chatters their preference and while some said it was hard to get in 5 per day for the $1 bonus, overwhelmingly, people preferred earning more per survey.)

How long does it take to transfer funds from the QR CINT panel to QuickRewards?
They usually do the payments twice a month.

Daily Videos

Where can you earn for watching videos?

Under Earn to, Daily Video Watch.

Sometimes it’s the same video the next day – can I still click it and get points?
In the Daily Video Watch section you can only be paid once for watching a particular video.

Why do they credit instantly on some other sites and not on QR?
They post on QR within a few hours rather than instantly because we “clean the data,” ensuring that members don’t find a way to cheat, redeem immediately, and defraud our site and the video provider.


When will QRplay come out of beta?

We’re still working out the kinks and don’t have a definite time frame.

Some games don’t work or they just plain stink!
Sorry about that — we don’t program them. (And you’re right, some of them are pretty lame.)

Is there a way to bookmark my favorite games so I don’t have to look for them every time?
Not at this time but we will suggest this!

Guess My Number

How do you know what to guess?
Members post what they guessed and whether it was high or low on our Facebook page. You can also find hints on some forums like MyCoupons.


Will there be Christmas shopping bonuses this year?

Yes, look for more information on Black Friday.

Do I need to forward my order confirmation email each time I shop?
Usually not if you shop through the main QR site (unless the store description says to). If you shop through QRDeals, it’s a good idea to go ahead and forward it to support.

Can I earn cash back when I buy gift cards?
For select merchants, yes. The store description page on QR will note if gift cards are eligible for cash back.

Will eBay be coming back?
No, at least not anytime soon. They feel that rewards programs don’t generate additional business. If you’re not happy with this please let eBay know!

Why is there no cash back for Amazon?
They don’t allow it — it is against their terms for anyone to provide any incentive for shopping there.


Are there incentives for referring a friend? How do I do it?

Under Account, Referrals you’ll see banners and links to use to refer your friends. You’ll earn a percentage of what they earn from shopping and surveys (not clicks, videos, or the offer wall).

How do I find out how much my referrals earned for me?
Under Account, Referrals, just above your list of referrals, it will tell you how much you’ve earned from them the current month.

We hope this FAQ helps answer your questions!  But if you’re still unclear about something, please leave a comment to this post or send me an email and I’d be happy to help.  And if you’d like to be assigned to a Big Buddy who can share their own personal tips and maybe help you quicker and on a more personal level, please email support to give us permission to share your email address and first name with one of our Big Buddies and we’ll get you set up!

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