New iPhone 4 8GB from Best Buy for $49.99 With 2 Year Contract

By | July 27, 2012

Best Buy has a HOT deal on the Apple iPhone 4 with 8GB of memory — new, not refurbished — for just $49.99 with a two year contract with AT&T!  You can buy it through our link for in-store pickup, but I’m not sure if this item is eligible for cashback (it’ll be a surprise to both of us, LOL!).  Even if cashback doesn’t credit, it was too hot a deal for me to not mention.

To find it fast, search for 3815157 for the white phone or 3815041 for the black.

The iPhone 4 is not the latest model (which is the 4S), but it’s one model behind.  The primary difference is that the 4 doesn’t have Siri (the talking assistant).  Like the 4S, the 4 features:

  • retina graphics
  • access to the web through blazing-fast 4G
  • a fantastic-quality camera
  • built-in Facetime video chat
  • and an automatic upgrade to the latest operating system, which runs all of the latest apps including GPS, games, and other useful tools.
  • Oh yeah, and it plays music and streams YouTube and all of the other fun things an iPhone can do, too.

If you’ve been wanting to upgrade to an iPhone but the cost of the phone was the big deterrent, this is the sale for you!  It’s time to get an iPhone!

5 thoughts on “New iPhone 4 8GB from Best Buy for $49.99 With 2 Year Contract

  1. Betty

    Sure wish QR would stop rebooting the server when i am doing my purchasing thru this site. Very Frustrating…….

  2. Becky Post author

    Thanks, Brad! Betty, we’ve been growing by leaps and bounds recently and our tech guy has been working ’round the clock to try to offload modules onto servers to better balance the server load. I’m sorry for the frustration! I can say this: the downtime is usually very brief and if it isn’t, you can email me (becky at quickrewards dot net) and I can email you a direct link to use to get to your favorite store and earn cash back from QR even if QR itself is down. But the guys are reassuring me that these issues are going to be cleared up very soon — a priority since Christmas shopping will be here before ya know it!

    1. Annie

      Is there just a direct link to the iphone? or do I have to start from the best buy site? site went down when I rtied earlier

      1. Becky Post author

        Start at QR’s link to Best Buy (the link in the post), then search for the item numbers I listed in the post (either for the black or the white model) and that should take ya straight there! I’m sorry we were down when you wanted to check out the deal earlier – please give it another shot!


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