Entertainment Books Liquidation Sale: Two for $10!

By | July 16, 2012

Entertainment Books are at two for $10, their lowest price of the year, as they are selling off 2012 books in anticipation for the 2013 books coming out soon.

The majority of the coupons in the books are good through October!  Just use one coupon and you can pay for the cost of each book!  And what’s even sweeter is that some of the mall store coupons in each book are valid through December 31st, which makes them PERFECT to use on Black Friday, or the day after Christmas sales, or any other time throughout 2012.

If you’re taking part in our new Weekly Challenge that just started today, here’s a $10 purchase that will qualify for the $1 cashback bonus for new QR shoppers (in addition to our 8% cashback rate)!  Or if you’re a veteran QR shopper and you haven’t bought an Entertainment Book in the past month, you can jump in on this deal for the bonus buck, too!

Entertainment Books are chock full o’coupons that will save you money on travel, dining, entertainment, retail shopping, and more!

Remember, hold off until after Sunday to claim your $1 Weekly Challenge bonus!

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