Extra 30% Off Aeropostale Clearance With Coupon Code!

By | June 9, 2012

Aero SoCal Drawastring Bag - Was $19.50, Now $4.19 After Coupon

My daughter LOVES Aeropostale clothes, and I’d wear them myself if they came in fat mama sizes.  😉

They’re offering a coupon code this weekend that takes an additional 30% off their clearance items:  30CLEARANCE is good through Sunday.  (It doesn’t apply to their little kids’ section, P.S. from Aeropostale.)

There are around 60 items to choose from in the guys’ department and around 100 in the girls’.  (Go, girls!)  And the clearance items include short-sleeve tees as well as hoodies, shorts as well as jeans, and hats and other accessories, too.  It’s a pretty good mix of seasons and items.

They do charge for shipping, but you can save so much on one item that you’re more than covering the cost of that.  These drawstring bags are way cool with the kiddos where I live, and look, you’re saving over $15 with the coupon!

Please forward your order confirmation email to support for 3% cashback on your Aeropostale purchases — we’ve had some problems with their orders not crediting automatically.  Thanks!

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