$21 Ceiling Fan From Lowes!

By | June 10, 2012

Lowes has the Harbor Breeze 52″ Springfield Antique Bronze Ceiling Fan for a low $21 in select stores!  Search for item number 294984 and select your closest local store to see if it’s available for you.  Choose in-store pickup and you’ll still earn 3.1% cashback from QR!

It wasn’t available in the stores closest to me, but I selected a city about 45 miles away and one store within THAT store’s range had it in stock.

This is totally a “your mileage may vary” deal, but worth checking if you’re in need of a new ceiling fan!

5 thoughts on “$21 Ceiling Fan From Lowes!

  1. Robert Kent

    I’m on the Lowe’s Shopping page, but there’s no link through to Lowe’s website.

  2. Wanda

    I clicked on the Lowe’s link and searched for this item number, but couldn’t find it. When I searched using the name of the fan, I found it for $79.96. I couldn’t find any ceiling fans for $21. Maybe it was a one day thing.


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