Reminder: How to Earn More for Fandango Movie Tickets

By | March 23, 2012

Give the gift of movies

If you have plans to go to the movies this weekend, here’s your reminder to buy your tickets online in advance, and you can earn a reward from QR when you do:  buy your tickets from Fandango and earn either $.05 per ticket or $1 per order of Fandango Bucks!

Here’s my tip for earning more cash back when you buy your movie tickets through QR and Fandango:

Each order of Fandango Bucks earns you $1 in QR cashback (provided your click through QR’s link to Fandango each time you place an order).  Fandango Bucks can be emailed to yourself (you’ll get a code to enter online when you buy the tickets) and they can be purchased in denominations starting at $10.

Suppose movie tickets where you live are $10.  You could go through QR’s link to Fandango and buy two tickets, and you’d earn $.10 cash back.

OR, you could go through QR’s link to Fandango and buy a $10 in emailed Fandango Bucks and send it to yourself.  Then repeat the process (clicking through our link again).  Now you have $20 in GC credit and can head back to Fandango to redeem them for your two tickets.

This way, instead of $.10 cashback, you earn $2!  Clever, huh?  😉

Either route, you’ll need to forward your order confirmation email to support to collect your cashback.

Have a Visa Signature card?  Make the deal sweeter!  Hover over the Gifts+Promos link, click on Visa Signature Offers, enter your zipcode, and you should see an offer for $5 off $25 in Fandango Bucks!

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