An Even Deeper Discount on Entertainment Books: Half Off, Free Shipping, & $3 Cashback!

By | March 6, 2012

Two weeks ago, Entertainment Books were on sale for $19.99 shipped — a great deal!  Today’s deal is even better (for most people):  half off with free shipping!  Most books are $35, so that’s $17.50 shipped… and you’ll earn $3 cash back per order from QR!

If you’re only using the print version of the book, you’re missing out on a lot of the benefits!  When you register your book online, you’ll have access to additional discounts including hundreds of printable coupons for local restaurants, hair and nail salons, automotive repair, and retail stores.  I think I had more local printable coupons than there are local coupons in the book itself!

Your Entertainment Book purchase also qualifies you for discounted movie and attraction tickets:  save 20 to 40% on Six Flags tickets, get Disney World tickets on discount, get discounted Las Vegas show tickets, and more!

Speaking of travel, you’ll get $20 in instant bonus cash at Priceline when bidding on 3-star or better hotels… just for being an Entertainment Book member!  That alone pays for the price of the book!

3 thoughts on “An Even Deeper Discount on Entertainment Books: Half Off, Free Shipping, & $3 Cashback!

  1. Betty

    I have asked this in the past and got no reply. I asked if we could have Dollat General Gift cards as a repemption option. No Reply.

    Now Dollar General has their own website offering Free shipping on any order over $25 and $5 code on any order over $25.

    Why won’t you add as a retailer, or if you have benn, what is your progress?

    I currently am offerred by others up to 20% off on a 250.00 order.

    Whats up?

    1. Becky Post author

      Hi, Betty! I’m sorry that no one got back with you regarding adding Dollar General GCs as a redemption. Dmitry and I discussed this a few months ago, and we were unable to find a source that sells the cards — including Dollar General’s own website. If you can find somewhere that sells them online PLEASE let me know.

      We applied for Dollar General’s affiliate program and were declined without any explanation. It could be because we’re in New York, which is one of the states that has passed the internet “nexus” tax laws. We’re not able to offer cash back for certain merchants, like Overstock, because of that.

      After reading your message this morning, I’ve emailed the affiliate manager to see if we can be reconsidered or if we can at least get an explanation for why they won’t let us in. I will keep you updated!

    2. Becky Post author

      Latest update: if at first you don’t succeed… we were approved to Dollar General’s program and will be adding them to QR this evening! Thank you for the encouragement to follow up with them, Ms. Betty!


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