Merchant of the Week: Skinit!

By | February 20, 2012

For many of us, our technology is an extension of ourselves — the type of phone or laptop or e-reader we use says something about our personalities.  Ask a Mac person what they think of PCs…and a PC person about Macs!

And once we have the technology, we go on a quest to personalize it even further by finding a case in our favorite color, or looking for some unique earbuds…and what’s available in stores is SO limited!

I want to introduce you to Skinit, our Merchant of the Week, with 20% off coupon code SKINSSAVE20 (or 25% off Disney skins with code Mickey25)…and cashback doubled to 10%!  With Skinit, you no longer have to settle for a plain black phone.  And you need to see what they can do to jazz up a laptop, an e-reader, or even a video game console!

What is Skinit?  Skinit offers the ultimate personalization with vinyl skins, fit to precision and removable without any residue, that you can design yourself or choose from a huge assortment of designs including Disney, sports teams, TV shows and movies, tattoo art, and original art as well!  Use them on your phone, iPod, iPad or other tablet, netbook, e-reader, desktop, or gaming device

In addition to vinyl skins, Skinit has a full line of cases, iPhone bumpers, leather pouch cases, custom printed neoprene laptop cases, and fashion earbuds!

See the full selection of products to personalize YOUR life… at Skinit!

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