Before There’s Love…There’s Chemistry!

By | February 14, 2012

Depressed by all this Valentine’s Day hoorah because you don’t have someone special this year?  Take advantage of this offer for a free 7-day trial at, and if you decide to stay on as a paying member, you’ll earn 75% cash back on your subscription! is different from other dating sites because they really focus on making sure you’re a good match, interest-wise and personality-wise, before you meet your potential dates.  They do this with fun personality tests (like, “What does the length of your fingers say about your personality?”), quizzes, and other activities.

Then they go a step beyond, with advice about which personality types are compatible with your own, coaching you on how to write effective emails AND providing tips for your first date!

The goal of is to “make your first date seem like your second.”   Whew, that takes a lot of the pressure off, doesn’t it?

Regardless of your age, your location, or your orientation, can help you make a special connection… one that, who knows, may turn out to be love!

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