$50 in iTunes GCs for $40, Shipped Free

By | February 19, 2012

Two $25 GCs for $40 Shipped

Staples has a great deal on iTunes gift cards:       two $25 iTunes gift cards for $40 with free shipping!  You can buy up to 4 (which would be $100 in GCs for $80, for the non-mathematically inclined).

I am not 100% sure that QR cashback (2.5%) will apply, but forward your order confirmation email to QR support after you get the shipping notification and we’ll check!

3 thoughts on “$50 in iTunes GCs for $40, Shipped Free

    1. Becky Post author

      I’m looking at the description and I can’t tell for sure. It looks like it would be physical cards because it says “item qualifies for free delivery to a store near you.” If it was an emailed code, I don’t think it would say that. (It also says that it qualifies for free delivery to your home, so you don’t HAVE to ship it to a store…just trying to use that info to confirm that it’s physical cards.)

      You could call their number (1-800-333-3330) and try to get an answer from there. Just don’t place the order with them by phone or you’d void any possible QR cash back.

      (BTW, I won’t know for sure if these GCs qualify for cashback until someone who has ordered them has their order shipped out — that’s when we would be credited.)

      1. Carole

        Thank you. By the way I never got any of the codes to work for superpoints


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