Resolve to Take Your Vitamins!

By | January 4, 2012

One of those things we moms (and busy dads) tend to do is to put our own needs last… and that’s bad because we have so many people depending on us.  This year, resolve to take better care of yourself by taking vitamins and mineral supplements every day — to keep you in top form so you can stay well and have the energy and resilience you need for all of the activities that you juggle each day.

Vitamin World (5% cashback) has several great coupon codes out to make taking care of yourself, well, easier to swallow:

TAVWNY2 takes $5 off $25+ orders,
TAVWNY3 takes $10 off $50+ orders, and
TAVWNY4 takes $15 off $75+ orders!  All three codes expire on January 11th.

Vitamin World offers special vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements to address whatever individual health concerns you may have, from weight management to heart health to joint support and more.  And don’t underestimate the importance of a daily multi-vitamin!  They have different multi’s for men, women, seniors, and teens!

Resolve to take your vitamins every day in 2012… with the help of Vitamin World!

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