Increased Cashback for Fandango Bucks!

By | December 1, 2011

We’ve added another increased cash back merchant to our holiday promotion:  Fandango Bucks!

Let’s say you’re planning to go to the movies.  (With so many great movies out now and coming up soon, I’m sure you are!)  You COULD go through QR’s link to Fandango and earn 5 cents cash back per ticket.

OR, you could order $25 in Fandango Bucks, use those to pay for your tickets, and earn $2 cashback instead!  That pays for about three tickets where I live, and it works out to about $.65 cashback per ticket — a much better deal!

This is a nice cashback increase for our members, because our regular rate is $1 cashback on Fandango Bucks, no matter how large your order was.  Here, EACH $25 you buy earns you $2!  Buy $100, earn $8 cash back!

And Fandango Bucks make a great gift for movie lovers.  They get $25 in Fandango Bucks, you get $2 in QR cashback…  Everybody wins!  🙂

Fandango Bucks orders of $25 or more count toward our holiday bonuses, too!  (Note:  individual ticket purchases do not.)  Please forward your order confirmation email to QR support for cash back credit — and enjoy the show!

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