Entertainment Books $19.99 Shipped Free Plus $5 Cashback!

By | December 17, 2011

Now’s the time to treat yourself to an Entertainment Book — they’re regularly $35 plus shipping but are now $19.99 with free standard shipping, and additional books are just $14.99!  Choose the annual renewal program to save an additional $5 (you can cancel this if you don’t want to keep it).  AND, you’ll earn $5 cashback per order from QR!

One book @ $19.99 – $5 for auto-renewal signup – $5 cashback from QR = $9.99 shipped!  For a $35 book!

And you’ll make a big profit just by using the coupons in the book!  I’ve already paid for my book just by using the $10 off $50 at Aeropostale!

Note: these won’t be here by Christmas unless you pay extra for rush shipping.  This makes it a perfect gift for YOURSELF!  Or for someone you won’t see until after the holidays.  Or you can always just upgrade the shipping – the book still pays for itself!

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