An Easy Choice for Last-Minute Gift-Giving: Amazon GCs!

By | December 24, 2011

It’s way past “the last minute” for Christmas shopping, but if you’re just remembering someone you need to buy for, or if an unexpected guest has arrived that you need a present for and you don’t have time to slip out and pick something up, these are the situations ideal for an Amazon GC!

They can be purchased in any amount, they can be emailed, OR you can buy and print yourself one of a variety of Amazon gift cards to give in person!  There are some really cute designs, too.

Amazon doesn’t allow us to offer cash back but your purchase through our link will help support QR (including the cash we give away daily on Guess My Number and Trivia).  We’d sure appreciate it… and we know your gift recipient will, too!  🙂

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