Small Business Saturday – 11/26

By | November 25, 2011

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, where American Express, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other major corporations are encouraging consumers to shop at small businesses, in recognition of their contributions to local communities and to the national economy.

Most merchants big enough to offer cash back are probably bigger than what you and I would consider “small” businesses.  So there won’t be many stores we can offer you cash back for in honor of this event… but we at QR still recognize the importance of small businesses, so I’m going to ask you guys to help me out:

If you have an eBay or Etsy store, if you sell Mary Kay or Tupperware, or if you have any other kind of small business with a website, or you have a friend or neighbor who does, please post the link in a comment here!  Tell me and your fellow QR members a little about the site, the products, or the owner.

And I’ll ask those who read this post:  please take a look at these small businesses and consider supporting them with a purchase on Small Business Saturday and throughout the holiday season.  You won’t earn cash back from QR but you’ll help out a fellow QR member or one of their family or friends in what continues to be a challenging economy.

Going first:  My mom, who is disabled with a rare spine problem, sells handmade jewelry on eBay.  Here is her store, Louisiana Beads.  Shipping is included in all of her prices.


4 thoughts on “Small Business Saturday – 11/26

  1. Suzette My sister owns Trail Lodge Tea which sells quality loose leaf teas and tea accessories. Get $5 off if you spend $25 through Monday. No coupon needed. or free ship if you spend $75. Her goal is run a company that gives back to charities and offer an eco friendly product.

  2. Karen — my kid’s favorite small business is a small business that sells really small stuff — dollhouses, miniatures & dollhouse furniture. It’s called Happily Ever After, and they’re having some deep discounts on some nifty-looking dollhouse kits on special (you can find ’em on their homepage). Looks like they have nifty dollhouse decorations for Christmas and Chanukah, too!

  3. Chris Hendrickx is a metaphysical shop co-owned my my wife and a friend of hers. They have 150 different scents of hand-made incense in both sticks and cones, and many, many other metaphysical / wiccan / new age supplies (books, jewelry, crystals/rocks/gems, herbs, statuary, clothing, candles, etc)

    Services offered in store include things like reiki, tarot readings, many, many classes, counseling, meditations, and more.

    Although there is no way to order online (yet), I do encourage anyone who is passing through the Tampa Bay region in Florida to stop in and say hello! — There is a table and lots of chairs, and we welcome people who just want to come hang out and chat.

  4. Jett

    My friend Starr sells PartyLite, her site is

    Starr is amazing, she has had many medical problems in the past few years including getting struck by lightning and surviving breast cancer!!! She never gives up. She’s trying to make extra money for a flood of medical bills. She has insurance, but you know how that goes… and out of pocket expenses still add up to thousands of dollars. I’m in awe of her ability to face so many trials and still keep a smile on her face!

    PartyLite stuff is expensive, but very good quality. Help out if you can!


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