DEAD:Razor Rip-Rider 360 Drifting Ride-On: $59 Shipped (Half Off!) at Amazon

By | November 25, 2011

Amazon’s sold out and the alternate sellers are charging more… sorry!  You’ve gotta be fast!
My daughter, who’s 11, has been asking for this oversized trike for Christmas called the Razor Rip-Rider 360 Drifting Ride-On, and I was SO STOKED to find it at Amazon just now for half of what it sells for elsewhere:  it’s only $59 shipped!

I wasn’t sure about this idea of buying a trike for a big kid until I a) read some of the 197 customer reviews at Amazon giving it a high 4.5 star rating, and b) watched the video on Amazon showing what this thing does.  It’s like a daredevil trike — you ride it and then you do these crazy spins!  The reviews say that kids from 5 to 12 or 13 just love this thing, and girls as much as boys!

No idea how long this price will last so buy it now if you’re interested!  As you probably know, Amazon won’t allow us to offer cash back for purchases there… but we always include their deals on the shopping blog because you can cash out your QR earnings into Amazon gift cards to help pay for ’em!

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