Five Buck Finds

By | October 24, 2011

A few months ago, I did a couple of posts called What Ten Bucks’ll Buy Ya.  I figured, with the holidays approaching quickly, it’s time to dust this idea off but ramp it up a little — these are great products for five bucks or less including shipping!  If you’re, like me, on the lookout now for great, affordable gift ideas, I hope this will help add to your gift stash!  If you find some other great five buck bargains, leave a comment and share your best finds with us!  Here are some of mine:

Girls’ Silver Mickey Mouse Watch$3.44 shipped from FocalPrice (5% cashback).  This hinged cuff-style watch is made for kid-sized wrists.   See the alternative views on FocalPrice to get an idea of how it works if I’m not explaining it clearly enough.  Cute gift idea and what a great price, too!

One year (26 issues) of Rolling Stone for $3.99 with code QUICKREW15 at BestDealMagazines (plus 10% cashback).  If you need a gift for someone who loves music, pop culture, celebrities, movies, even politics, they will enjoy a subscription to Rolling Stone!  Because magazine subscriptions can take from 8 to 14 weeks to start, now’s the time to order for Christmas!

Waist Pack for $4.99 shipped free with code COZY (good thru Tue.) at Eddie Bauer (plus 4.1% cashback).  This lightweight waist pack was $19.99!  It has 4.5+ stars out of 44 user reviews, and is great for travel.  I like all of the different zipper compartments to help keep your stuff separated and organized.  Where are my Disney fans?  Heading to a park soon?  This one’s for you!

Modern Marvels:  ’90s Tech (DVD):  $2.67 shipped from Amazon (no cashback allowed).  You need to be a Prime member (free for parents/caregivers or students) to get free shipping.  Was $24.95!  The History Channel covers the internet decade and 90s tech including DVDs, TIVO, GPS, Furby, the Foreman Grill, Wolfenstein 3D, and more!

Okay, so I went $.25 over on this one but it was too cool to leave out:  6 in 1 Camping Stainless Steel Detachable Knife for $5.25 shipped from (2.1% cashback)!  In stainless steel, t includes a detachable knife, spoon, fork, corkscrew, bottle opener, and a can opener, AND it comes with a handy carrying case!  Have a boy scout or a hiker to buy for?  This is a great, low-priced gift or stocking stuffer!

Mr. Bar-B-Q Beer Can Chicken Cooker for $4.95 shipped from Amazon (see above for links on how to get Prime for free – no cashback is allowed on Amazon orders).  I don’t get the whole “roasting a chicken with a beer inside” thing, but there are a lot of products out there that help you do just that and like this one they’re reviewed well… but unlike this one, they’re a lot more expensive!  So this is a great gift idea for a guy who likes beer and also likes to grill.  Really low price on this, too!

Angry Birds earbuds $2.86 shipped from eForChina (5% cashback).  Who doesn’t like Angry Birds?  It’s one of those rare games that appeals to both adults AND kids, and it is really hard to put down!  Amaze and delight the Angry Birds addict in your life with these earbuds fashioned after the angry red bird.  Other angry bird characters are available for the same low price.  Hmm, one might even call these Angry Buds!  😉  (Oh, c’mon, it was funny, admit it.)

4 thoughts on “Five Buck Finds

  1. Ginger

    Thanks Becky, some really cute things here, great stocking stuffers! 🙂

  2. FloridaGrandma

    Good job, Becky!
    I’m looking for some high-tech toys for older children. Any suggestions for Grandma?

    1. Becky Post author

      Thanks, Ginger and FG!

      I will see what I can find! What age/gender, and what’s the price range you had in mind?

      1. FloridaGrandma

        All my grandchildren are girls, perfect for a Girl Scout Leader! Age 9 and up. My son is now 44 and he loves techie-toys, too. I like quirky things, from stocking stuffers up to maybe $200.00. They have a Wii and I’m buying them the new Disney Universe to go with that.


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