Double Earnings* on the Offer Portal thru 10/16

By | October 11, 2011

Have you tried out QRs Offer Portal?

Several weeks ago, we added a great new way for members to earn at QuickRewards.  Under Earn To, you will find Offer Portal, which contains 7 different walls full of offers.  These will pay you QuickPoints (which convert to cash automatically at a rate of 100 QuickPoints to $0.01) for doing many different tasks:  viewing video clips, taking surveys, signing up for newsletters, visiting websites, and more!

We want YOU to try out some of the great offers on QuickRewards’ Offer Portal, and as a little encouragement, from 10/11/11 through 10/16/11 we are doubling your Offer Portal earnings (excluding earnings for watching videos)… up to $3!

Because 100 QuickPoints = $0.01, you can earn up to 30,000 QP ($3) and get it doubled!  That’s right:  earn $3, get paid $6!  Just email after 10/17/11 to collect your bonus!

*Note: participate in any download offers at your own risk, as QR is not responsible for this content. As noted above, Offer Portal offers for watching videos are not included in this double point promotion. As our Offer Portal Disclaimer states, there will be NO manual credits available for Offer Wall offers that do not auto-credit and that includes this promotion. All manual credit requests must go through individual offer walls contact/missing inquiry system and not through QuickRewards. Questions? Email us for clarification before completing the offer.

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