Disney, Halloween Hello Kitty, $5 Candy Corn Teddy, and More at Build-a-Bear Workshop!

By | October 2, 2011

Did you know that Build-a-Bear Workshop has a website, and that you will earn 3% cashback from QR when you shop there?

And, you can choose to have your furry friend shipped without stuffing, so your child can bring it into any store and enjoy the whole fun experience of stuffing it him- or herself?  (Of course, if you want to have your stuffed animal sent to you or your recipient already stuffed, they can do that, too.)

And if that’s not reason enough to shop through QR’s link to Build-a-Bear, how about this:  you can use coupon code 96685 for $10 off a $50 or more purchase!  Plus, buy anything on the site and you can get a Candy Corn Teddy for $5!

Last month was Disney Month here at QR, and we’re continuing to share the love of all things Disney throughout 2011 and beyond, so I had to mention the adorable Disney-themed outfits and pre-made Disney stuffed animals available at Build-a-Bear!  Select your favorite stuffed animal and you can choose an adorable Disney character outfit like Pooh, Tigger, Snow White, Jasmine, or Woody!

To get an idea of how adorable these outfits look on a bear, here’s one that comes pre-made called the Toy Story Woody Curly Teddy!  For the bear and the outfit, you’ll pay just $32 — spend just $18 more and you can take $10 off with that coupon code, too!  (And don’t forget the 3% cashback from QR!)

Build-a-Bear has a new line of ready-to-give baby gifts called Hug a Cub, which are only available in select stores, but you can find the whole collection online!  Some are musical, some have rattles, and some can be personalized with embroidery like this beautiful Mary Meyer Baby Christening Lamb Blanket (just $27 with embroidery, or $17 without!).

Some other cute new things you’ll find at Build-a-Bear include Angry Birds, the Light Up Fairy Fun Fleece Owl, Snoopy, and just in time for Halloween, the Orange Hello Kitty!

Shop the great selection of furry friends at Build-a-Bear Workshop, remember to use the coupon code:  96685 for $10 off $50+ orders, and collect 3% cashback on your order, too!

Note:  To receive your bear unstuffed, just put that request in the Special Instructions field at checkout.

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